"A tuition company that guarantees a tactical and creative approach to bring out the best in every child irrespective of their learning abilities."

About us

Astute’s journey began back in 2007 when Mohamed Shameel, our founder, volunteered as a tutor at a small charity organisation. Backed by his mother who is also a teacher, striving for quality education came naturally for him, and after producing great results for over 90% of the students at both 11+ and GCSE core modules, Astute was established. Since then, hundreds of students have been guided and tutored to excel in more than just their education, as the foundation of Astute revolves around a holistic education for all those who come this way.

Our Vision

To create an effective yet simple way of teaching, which enables children to understand and grasp knowledge, while also creating an interest in them to learn more as they progress. To see children succeed and learn to tap into their talents, which can then be nurtured in the right way. To equip parents towards creating a space within the home environment where children learn and grow at a comfortable pace.

Our Mission

Astute aims to help your child reach their full potential, building a passion for learning, co-existing in harmony and enabling them to succeed and excel in life.

Our Team

From professional educators to mothers, our team comes from different backgrounds; but one common feature binds us all together – the love for teaching and planting that seed of curiosity in another. Our team is passionate about making learning fun and practical and relatable to everyday life.

Our Beliefs

We understand that children may sometimes lack the confidence they need to get the best out of school. But we believe all it takes is a little bit of extra help at that crucial moment to put them back on track and well on their way to success. With improved confidence and focus, success will in time becomea source of motivation and open doors to many prospects.

Our goal is to inspire children to want to learn and enjoy learning as we believe this will help them in every aspect of their lives just as in school and exams.


Our team consists of extremely talented teachers who yearn to bring real value to your child’s education. Each tutor is a subject expert and fully qualified with extensive knowledge of the curriculum and vast experience in its delivery. While many have worked as markers for various exam boards, their enthusiasm, dedication and friendliness is evident as the results speak for themselves.

At Astute, we recognise the importance of the right kind of teachers, so our business is built on attracting and retaining the very best tutors in the field.

Our philosophy is to work very closely with your child, providing a stimulating learning environment with the use of a wide range of resources including online learning. Regular assessments are held to monitor the progress of each student and parents are always in the know through written reports.

We’re here to help with your child’s education, so if there is anything you would like to discuss, we’re available 7 days a week.