Why tuition centres have become increasingly important during lock-down

Why tuition centres have become increasingly important during lock-down

With schools closed due to COVID19 lock-down, many children who were preparing for the 11+, are losing valuable time.

The 11+ exam can be challenging, and children deserve the opportunity to do their best and secure their place in a grammar school. And although schools have tried their best to provide work for children to do at home, it is not the same as being in school and thus learning has been severely disrupted.

Children need guidance and direction, and this is particularly important when it comes to their education. Not having access to teachers and educational resources means they will not get the maximum from their potential.

Tuition centres such as Astute Learning step in to offer a fantastic substitute to school. Tuition centres have qualified teachers who provide high-quality online courses that give children the tools they need to succeed in their exams.

Teachers interact and engage with students, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and then create a bespoke learning system to help bring out their full potential.

Teachers run classes covering an array of subjects and topics, while monitoring progress, setting homework, marking work, and providing tests for children to practice. The more children practice the tests, the more familiar they will become with the style of questions they face in the actual exam.

Private tuition is a great way to ensure that you have done all that you could to help your child do the best they could do in the 11+ exam.

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