Astute Team

Simple but effective learning

"A tuition company that guarantees a tactical and creative approach to bring out the best in every child irrespective of their learning abilities."

We use traditional teaching and learning methods. Our collective years of teaching experience has proven that with the advancement of technology, children are likely to rely on electronics rather than pen and paper. At Astute, we use more tried-and-tested, traditional methods to allow our students to develop their natural skills, and to empower them with the ability to use their mental strength to resolve any given task without the assistance of electronics.

Parental Involvement

How we engage with parents and encourage their participation and involvement in their child’s learning, is something that helps us stand apart from other similar tuition providers. We drive this approach as we believe it is key to ensuring a child’s learning and growth.

Regular Assessments

Every personalised assessment is linked to the national curriculum. The results of these assessments are filtered through a panel of expert tutors and professionals to tailor a personalised study plan and learning strategy to enhance the child’s skills and abilities.

We encourage parents to get involved and we engage them in reviewing progress reports. We believe this helps parents to gauge how they can assist their children and how they can plan for them in years to come. 

Monthly Feedback

Parents, teachers and students can communicate via the child’s Action Plan. Parents can monitor each lesson’s results and see what work will be set for the next lesson.

Every child will receive frequent feedback from their tutor on progress and short-term goals. This step- by-step approach builds confidence and enables the child to enjoy a more hands-on approach to their learning process.

Our Approach

Our classes never exceed our magic number of six students. We believe that keeping our classes smaller allows us to maintain our high standards of support and guidance for each child.

Astute encourages independent work habits and thinking skills. We boost communication between students through collaborative exercises and class discussions. This helps build confidence and self-esteem while nurturing mutual respect for one another. Engaging lessons, combined with excellent teacher-student relations, will pave the way for our students to excel.

Whilst educating your children is our priority, we ensure that all classes remain fun, flexible and interactive.

We motivate students to work together as part of a team. We feel that this not only promotes better learning but contributes to the development of effective communication skills.

All our lessons are split into bite-size chunks to enable students to advance in manageable yet substantial progressions.

We understand that children may sometimes lack the confidence they need to get the best out of school. But we believe all it takes is a little bit of extra help at that crucial moment to put them back on track and well on their way to success. With improved confidence and focus, success will in time become a source of motivation and open doors to many future prospects.

Our goal is to inspire children to want to learn and enjoy learning as we believe this will help them in every aspect of their lives just as in school and exams.


Our team consists of extremely talented teachers who yearn to bring real value to your child’s education. Each tutor is a subject expert and fully qualified with extensive knowledge of the curriculum and vast experience in its delivery. While many have worked as markers for various exam boards, their enthusiasm, dedication and friendliness is evident as the results speak for themselves.

At Astute, we recognise the importance of the right kind of teachers, so our business is built on attracting and retaining the very best tutors in the field.

Our philosophy is to work very closely with your child, providing a stimulating learning environment with the use of a wide range of resources including online learning. Regular assessments are held to monitor the progress of each student and parents are always in the know through written reports.

We’re here to help with your child’s education, so if there is anything you would like to discuss, we’re available 7 days a week.